This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

The Himalayan salt has been in our homes for quite a long time now. It has a lot of health benefits. It improves digestion as well as regulates blood pressure. But it can do a lot of other things as well. It is obtained by mining it directly from the Himalayas.

The effects of Himalayan salt lamp

We are constantly surrounded by positive and negative ions from the atmosphere. The positive ions are called electronic smog. They are released from our TV, microwaves, smartphones, computers and other electronic equipment that we use at home. They cause harm to our body. The negative ions are good for us and they benefit us.

You would have noticed how just sitting in a natural environment in from of a waterfall or lake makes us feel good. It is because of the negative ions present in the atmosphere there.

There is a way to naturally mimic that atmosphere at home. That is by using Himalayan salt lamps. Your room can get transformed chemically and physically. Apart from the color and glow, it gives good health.

Electronic smog is becoming the most dangerous form of health hazard to humans today. The human brain is being exposed to 20 times more frequencies than it should be. These are the major cause of all kinds of neurological disorders.

What we now understand is that positive ions are not really positive for our health. They need to be neutralized by the negative ions. This can be done in a very simple way.

Positivity of negative ions

When any particle gains a negative electron, negative ions are formed. They attract all the pollutants like allergens and irritants, giving them a negative charge. This will neutralize them removing all their harmful effects.

These negative ions are mostly found in places of natural beauty and environment like a waterfalls o a beach. Oxygen flow to our brains increases, thereby making us feel fresh and energized.

Since it is not possible to bring in the natural environment at home, we have to find an alternative.

Himalayan salt lamps to the rescue

It is also known as vitamins of the air. A small block of salt comes along with a bulb inside. The bulb produces light and a negative-ion atmosphere. This is does by heating the crystal. Salt is able to attract water from its surrounding environment. The water gets evaporated by the heat of the lamp. This creates negative ions.

Good health

Since opposites attract each other, so the ions. The negative ions bind to the positive ones and bring them down. You will soon feel fresh and revitalized. Your mind will become calm. The warm glow will soothe your nerves and relax you.

The role of Himalayan salt lamps

– Produce rainbow-spectrum light waves to heal and sooth your body.

– Ionize the room

– Balance and neutralize artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic waves from electronics.

They benefit our health by treating:

– Respiratory problems

– Blood system disorders

– Headaches and migraines

– Mental and stress-related disorders

– Arthritis

To improve air quality and general atmosphere at home, start using these salt lamps. They have a limited range. So don’t place them out of sight or hide them.  They look good and can be found in different shapes and sizes. Place it in an area where the family members spend most of their time.

You can have as many as you want. The more the merrier. Have one in all the rooms. You will soon feel the difference.

Just be careful to buy the original one. A lot of fake things are sold in the market. The fake product will not provide you with any health benefit.