How To Make Your Rotten Banana Fresh Again!

f you are one of those people who hate how bananas go rotten really fast, you are in luck. We are about to show you how you can make a rotten banana fresh again. All you have to do is stick the brown banana in a bag or rice. That is it! This will suck out the moisture, the same as you do with a wet cellphone. Let us show you how in detail.

How to Make a Banana Fresh Again

First of all you need to take a simple zip-lock bag. Then, you need to take some rice and pour it into the bag. This is the same concept as when your mobile phone gets wet and you put it in some rice.

Afterwards, make sure you take the banana and put it in the zip bag so that it can be covered in ice. The most important thing here would be to make sure all the air is out of the bag.

When you mange to do this, you should let the fruit sit inside for about an hour.

When the hour passes, take it out. As you can see, the color is not changed a lot, however, the moisture is taken out. Then, get a blow dryer and do not put it on hot, just make sure it is on warm setting, or a cool setting if you do not have a warm one. Put it on and use it dry the fruit. As you can see with blow drying it, the banana will start to become yellow again and you are left with a perfectly fresh banana in your hands! It is as easy as that!

Thus, if you find yourself craving for a banana and all you have are rotten ones, try this simple trick and watch it work its magic!

Watch the video and learn how you’ll never have to throw another banana in the trash: