Prevents Hair Loss, Dandruff, Fungi On Nails And Dry Skin On Ankles And Feet With Listerine Only

Perhaps you are one of those people who use Listerine all the time, or at least you have used it once. Most of us do use it to rinse our mouths after we brush our teeth after we eat, or just to wash away the bad smell in our mouth. However, we are here today to tell you all you can do with it. This will actually change the way you see this product, and it will help you eliminate dandruff and fungus on your feet and avoid hair loss as well. Just continue reading.

We have to show you a simple trick that will aid with eliminating dandruff and fungus on the feet, just purchase some Listerine and try it.

5 Things You Can Do With Listerine

1. Grow Your Hair

You only need to apply it 3 times a week on the scalp and just massage for a minute and wash it off. The Listerine will help the growing of your hair and it will keep it smooth, silky and healthy as well. All you need to do is be constant in the application to notice some results.

2. Avoid Dryness of Feet and Ankles

If you want to eliminate calluses you need to mix half a cup of warm water with white vinegar and half a cup of Listerine. Just soak your feet in the mixture for a couple of minutes and carve the affected areas by making small circles with a pumice. Finally, dry the feet and apply some petroleum jelly or a moisturizer for feet.

3. Removes Fungus on the Nails

Fungus on the nails can look really bad and cause pain and burning as well. Just apply Listerine on the nails a couple of times and watch the fungi disappear.

4. Eliminates Dandruff

Listerine is a very powerful disinfectant. Just apply it daily and you will see how the dandruff disappears in a very short time.

5. Avoid Hair Loss

Put some Listerine in a spray bottle and spray on the scalp while it is wet. You do not have to rinse it. Just do it once a day, or every 2-3 days to help with the hair loss.

As you can see, Listerine is much more than just a usual mouth wash. Next time when you have some of these problems, feel free to use the Listerine, it will change your life. You are welcome!