Study: This Natural Tea Removes Plaque Better Than ANY Commercial Mouthwash

For most of the people, rinsing with mouthwash represents part of their daily routine. All of us know how important the oral care is, but sometimes, too much mouthwash can do more harm than good.  Listerine and many other famous brands of mouthwashes which contain alcohol can increase the potential of oral cancer development. Approximately, 48,000 Americans have been diagnosed with oral cancer annually and 640,000 people globally. Oral cancer can occur on the gums and the cheeks, on the tongue, or on the floor of the mouth.


The presence of different chemicals, toxins and alcohol in the mouthwashes can be putting your health at risk. Here is a rundown on just some of the toxins in case you have never checked out the ingredient list:

Methylparaben – this chemical has been actually present within breast cancer tissues. It is contained in many deodorants, skin creams, women’s cosmetics and mouthwash. Many studies have shown that it accelerates the growth of tumor and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Methyl Salicylate – 23 000mg aspirin pills is the equivalent to just 1 tbsp of this substance. Vomiting, convulsion, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, loss of vision, kidney failure and much more can be caused by overdose.

Hexetidine – failure of neural functions and clotting in parts of the brain control sensory can be caused by ingesting of too much of this chemical. Allergic reactions and unstable heartbeat can be also caused by this carcinogenic chemical.

Alcohol – it causes bad breath, reduces saliva and dries out the mucous membranes in your mouth. Alcohol also increases the risk of developing neck, head and oral cancers.

Chlorhexidin – increased blood pressure related with mouthwash can be caused by this ingredient. The newest research has shown that serious heart issues and increased blood pressure can be caused if you use mouthwash two times a day.

Green Tea and Plaque Removal

However, we have great news for your oral health. The latest study has shown the following: people with existing periodontal diseases and switched their diet to one emphasizing fruits, veggies, spices, lentils, peas, beans potatoes, grains with water as the preferred drink. The results have proved that the consumption of healthy food strengthens the oral health.

Besides the sugar, there are many other foods that have negative impact on the oral health. The scientists have proved that mouth washing with green tea strongly and significantly inhibited the growth of plaque bacteria on the teeth in only few min.

The number of harmful bacteria was nearly cut in half just 7 min after swishing with green tea.

The researchers have also found that green tea works far better in plaque reduction than chlorhexidine without all the chemicals that mouthwash contains. When it comes to health, green tea is clearly the safer choice. For more effective and safer way to practice oral health, you should definitely consider ditching your mouth wash full of chemicals.