Wearing A Bra While Sleeping? Read This!

The question whether or not women should wear a bra while sleeping is as old as the bra itself. Many women wear bra during sleeping because they believe it prevents breast-sagging, others avoid bras because they fear it may cause marks and that it may clog the lymphatic glands which can lead to the development of breast cancer. Today we are going to finally answer the long-debated question and put an end to the long debate.



On one hand, there are women who say that it’s not advisable to wear one because it makes you feel constricted, it leaves marks on your body and then there’s the possibility of clogging the lymph nodes and increasing the risk of breast cancer, supposedly.

On the other hand, there are the sworn nighttime bra-wearers like Marilyn Monroe, who think that wearing a bra at all times, even while they sleep, will stop their breasts from sagging.  The things we do for beauty!

So which one of these is true?

The function of the lymph nodes in the underarms is to act as body’s first defense against foreign material, cancer cells and infections, and as natural filters that drain the breast of lymph fluid. It hasn’t been scientifically proven that wearing a bra obstructs the pathways of the lymph nodes. So you shouldn’t be afraid of the breast cancer anymore.

The most common causes of breast sagging are pregnancy and breastfeeding, and genetics and age are the ones that determine the extent of sagging. If the size of your breasts is above C then choose a soft – cup style, which will provide some support from sagging, without much fasteners or hardware. For all others sizes, the bra is not going to prevent sagging in any way.

In a conclusion, sleeping without a bra or in a bra at night is really just a matter of the woman’s personal comfort. For some women that have tender breasts, they need the bra support, and for other who suffer from rashes below their breasts from the moist skin – to – skin friction, wearing a bra can be painful. If you do wear a bra at night, first thing is to choose a soft cupped, natural fiber (all – cotton wireless) bra and avoid an ill fitting, that will help you keep all that moisture away from your skin.

Source: http://makeyourlifehealthier.com